Terra Obscura: A Knock in the Dark -Casebook One

People are dying in the dark and New York’s highest office wants the truth buried. Only Charles Fort, an ambitious but ridiculed paranormal investigator, is willing to get to the bottom of it.

In Casebook One, Fort explores subterranean New York looking for the source of various reports of violent attacks during the construction of NYC's iconic subway system. What he finds in the dark, no one wants to ever see the light. Between the city’s political elite and powerful forces unseen, Charles Fort will test his limits to prove what he knows to be true.

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Terra Obscura: Falling Against Gravity- Casebook Two

Paranormal investigator and rogue adventurer Charles Fort is obsessed with getting his prototype airship into the sky. As the first test flight fast approaches, Fort is confronted by enemies from his past who remind him of the uncanny origins of his Nimbus airship and what it has cost him.

Fort is forced to reconcile his youthful adventures in Aurora, Texas – where he naively investigated an extraterrestrial crash – with the present-day consequences of his blind dedication to the mission. With his life unraveling, Fort must choose between his closest relationships and his goals. His unorthodox team faces mortal threats that span from sabotage to mad science to – ultimately – each other. As the laws of physics are bent and broken, Charles Fort must face his greatest threat to date: his own determination.

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Since 1993


An adventure set in the early 1900s, the Terra Obscura Chronicles follow Charles Fort, the world's first supernatural investigator, as he hunts for proof of what science refuses to accept - the existence of the paranormal. With an eclectic crew of allies and support, Fort travels this breathtaking world at the pinnacle of the Gilded Age investigating classic paranormal cases in their amazing steampunk airship.

As Fort investigates the realm of the unexplainable, he discovers a vast ancient conspiracy spanning the globe that has humanity in its grasp. Failing to stop it will lead the whole world towards unimaginable war.

TERRA OBSCURA is the hidden world and Fort won’t rest until its secrets are revealed.

Fort and the Mole Men.

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