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Geoff Genge

Geoff Genge is a paranormal enthusiast, a life-long fan of great sci-fi adventure, and an amateur UFO historian. Fortuitously, a lifelong love of the strange and an otherwise useless headful of weird knowledge coalesced into an amazing story about the secret history of a world that needed to be told.

Geoff and his beautiful wife, Michelle, are a dynamic writing duo who live and raise their amazing children deep in the woods of Prince Edward Island. Each brings unique talents and skill sets combined with a shared love of literature and great storytelling. They met in school and fell in love while travelling the wonders of the ancient world.

Michelle is an avid writer who has always dreamt of publishing her own novels and casting herself in their film adaptations. Whereas Geoff brings his passions for comic adventure, classic sci-fi, and the weird realm of the paranormal fringe. Together they are embarking to create their own great escapist stories and share them with the world.

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M Mac
M Mac
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I would highly recommend this series (looking forward to the third book to come) to anyone who enjoys adventure, gaslight fantasy, steampunk or mystery.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
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I am so delighted that this is a series! They get better and better, and keeps opening up further and further with so many potential options for future stories.

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